Julian Assange, a forced and secret marriage?

Monika Karbowska Since June 1 the media hype around Julian Assange’s upcoming wedding has begun. On June 1, the woman who sometimes calls herself Stella Morris and sometimes Sara Gonzalez Devant stayed in Paris at the invitation of a collaborator of the Macronist minister Dupont Moretti. She was photographed by many media photographers and appeared […]

Julian Assange, un mariage forcé et au secret?

Monika Karbowska Depuis le 1 juin le battage médiatique autour du mariage prochain de Julian Assange a commencé. Ce 1 juin la femme qui se fait appeler tantôt Stella Morris tantôt Sara Gonzalez Devant a séjourné à Paris à l’invitation d’un collaborateur du ministre macroniste Dupont Moretti. Elle a été photographiée par moult photographes de […]

The University of Assas forbids a human rights association to enter a public conference

Monika Karbowska On 1 June, as Wikijustice Julian Assange Association, we wanted to participate in the conference given by Maitre Antoine Vey, accompanied by Mrs Stella Morris at the University of Paris Assas, 92 rue d’Assas in Paris. Antoine Vey, a close associate since 2013  of Macron and Castex’s current Minister of Justice, Eric Dupont […]

L’Université d’Assas interdit à une association de défense des Droits de l’Homme l’entrée à une conférence publique

Monika Karbowska Le 1 juin dernier nous avons voulu participer en tant qu’association Wikijustice Julian Assange, à la conférence donnée par Maitre Antoine Vey, accompagnée par Madame Stella Morris dans l’enceinte de l’Université Paris II Assas, au 92 rue d’Assas à Paris. Antoine Vey, proche collaborateur depuis 2013 et associé depuis 2016 de l’actuel ministre […]

After 6 January – the « Parakratos » in London, the illegality of Julian Assange’s « pre-trial detention » and the illegality of the PCR test at the border

Monika Karbowska I need to warm up and rest for long hours in my room to recover from my disappointment not seeing Julian Assange free nor seeing him at all. As always I feel as if all I have to do is see him, to open the doors of these dummy cages and to set […]

January 6, 2021 – Part 3. The Ultimate battle in Westminster Court against the illegal detention of Julian Assange

Centre of London deserted and closed Monika Karbowska On the evening of the 4th January I am still looking for food in a deserted City. Only a Japanese restaurant sells take-away food under threatening posters(« don’t touch this! Don’t touch that! Don’t go into the shop if you have covid symptoms! Disinfect your hands! « ) I […]

For His Freedom and Ours – Part 2. Julian Assange in the Westminster Court on 11 December 2020 and in the Old Bailey on 4 January 2021 – end of trial but still captive

Monika Karbowska Dieppe the muzzled versus Brighton the rebel – trip to England on 2 January 2021 At a time of global lying, the media and governments make us believe that it is forbidden to travel. But this is not true. So I left for England on January 2nd, first going to Dieppe and from […]

For His Freedom and Ours – Part 1. Crossing Borders at the time of the Covid, 10-14 December 2020

Julian Assange in the Old Bailey on 4 January 2021 Monika Karbowska The decision delivered on 4 January 2021 in the Old Bailey building in London is known. It is a victory for the European social movements that have been mobilising to free Julian Assange for the past two years, and in particular for the […]

Après le 6 janvier – le « Parakratos » à Londres, l’illégalité de la « détention provisoire » de Julian Assange et l’illégalité du test PCR à la frontière

Après l’épreuve des 8 heures passées dehors le 6 janvier devant la Westminster Court, je dois me réchauffer et me reposer de longues heures dans mon hôtel pour me remettre de ma déception de ne pas avoir vu Julian Assange libre ni de l’avoir vu tout court. Comme toujours j’ai l’impression qu’il suffit de le […]