The Assange case – Investigation Report and Complaint of Wikijustice Julian Assange

  cliquer sur télécharger. Please download – you will read 404 pages of analyse!  Preamble to the complaint Complaint by citizens of the world to demand the immediate and unconditional release, protection and compensation of the citizen known as Julian Paul Assange, a citizen clearly identifiable by several distinctive signs. The citizen who embodies Julian […]

UK Resist! – Julian Assange at the Westminster Magistrate’s Court on 29 October 2020

Monika Karbowska This text deals with the hearing of Julian Assnage on 29 October, but it also contains analyses of the current dictatorship, the power of the Baraitser family and Judge Tan Ikram. The dictatorship in France The date is 7 December 2020. It was impossible for me to write more quickly the story of […]

« Angleterre Résiste »! – Julian Assange au Tribunal Magistrate Westminster le 29 octobre 2020

Monika Karbowska Ce texte porte sur l’audience de Julian Assnage du 29 octobre mais il contient aussi des analyses sur la dictature sanitaire actuelle, le pouvoir de la famille Baraitser et le juge Tan Ikram. La dictature en France Nous sommes le 7 décembre 2020. Il m’a été impossible d’écrire plus vite le récit de […]