Romantic end to the Julian Assange case? Objections, analysis and actions of Wikijustice – Part 2

Monika Karbowska

Inconsistency of the storytelling photos and videos

The photo of the Morris/Assange couple published by the Daily Mail and reproduced in a cut-out version by Stella Morris’ current Twitter and Facebook accounts never tires of questioning the inconsistencies in the journalistic account. The couple has been together since 2015. They are photographed on a street in a city, embracing each other. But then, in 2015, wasn’t Julian Assange confined to a room in the Ecuadorian embassy, banned from going out on pain of being imprisoned and extradited to Sweden? Could he wander quietly and smilingly along London’s boulevards with Stella Morris?

So we were lied to.

I don’t like to point fingers at people’s faces and those who read my articles won’t find such rash criticism. But the composition of the photo published in the Daily Mail on April 11th [1] and taken by Stella Morris on her twitter and Facebook account is so strange that it forces me to make the following comment: an attentive observer will see, by looking at the bottom of the photo, that Julian Assange’s legs are cut off at the level of his calves and Stella Morris’ legs at the level of her feet. Having seen the two people in the flesh many times and knowing that Stella Morris is very small (less than 155 cm. tall) and Julian Assange is rather tall (185 cm. tall), the difference in detail makes it impossible for Mrs. Morris’ head to reach Julian Assange’s chin, or at most to reach his chest. It is logical and it is obvious to all those who have seen the two protagonists of the story in real life. Their legs have been cut out on the photoplate to be able to « adjust » the characters and reduce their dysmorphism. I therefore affirm that this photo is a fake.

Returning to the storytelling of the same press a few years ago, the inconsistencies are even more glaring. An article in the Guardian of 15 May 2018[2] describes in great detail the intrusive surveillance that Julian Assangea would have undergone in the « embassy » from 2016 to March 2018. UC Global’s agents had been watching him for years through the surveillance cameras of a security PC installed in a neighboring building. They checked the passports of all persons entering to visit him and transmitted their details first to Rafael Correa and then to Lenin Moreno. In these conditions, since UC Global allegedly sold the images to the American authorities, these authorities were therefore perfectly aware of Assange’s relationship with Stella Morris. No need to steal baby diapers, just watch what happens in the privacy of the apartment via the cameras,an obscene pornographic process if ever there was one, but it seems that Julian Assange was not spared. The article states that Correa’s government cut off Julian Assange’s internet access permanently in February 2018 and he was banned from visiting in March 2018, locked in the « solitary confinement » that we have all begun to experience in Europe over the past few weeks, almost to the end, until April 11, 2019. Now, Ms. Morris says that this is the period when she was permanently visiting him, to conceive their second child, and then being pregnant.


It is astonishing that Julian Assange never mentioned his « partner » and his paternity for five years from 2015 to 2020. At no time since 2016 have her lawyers used this crucial information to request a stay of Swedish prosecution or her release as the breadwinner, particularly in the dramatic moments between May and October 2019 when Julian Assange was in solitary confinement following his conviction for breach of parole. Stella Morris’s tearful account did not provide us with details about the children’s civil status, which is important for any legal support to Julian Assange. Did Julian Assange recognize these children in the British registry office? Do they bear his name? Are they called Morris, Gonzalez Devant or Smith Robertson? John Shipton, considered to be the biological father of Julian Assange, is himself in contradiction with Stella Morris’ statements when on 18 April he once again refers to the ‘French family’ and ignores the children of Morris[3]. Are we to understand that John Shipton does not consider himself to be the grandfather of the children whom Stella Morris presents to the press as being those of Julian Assange?


I, for one, would believe Mrs. Morris’ story only if Julian Assange were to speak freely in public. It’s his right to express himself on his own behalf. No one should talk about his personal and intimate life in public.

The organizations that protect Stella Morris

Stella Morris claims that she did not act to save her companion for fear of the American government’s attacks on her children. This is rather ridiculous if one thinks that children born in London are necessarily declared to the Registrar of Births and Marriages, especially if they are normally endowed with the British nationality passed on by their mother, so the British government was perfectly aware of the existence of these children and therefore, in all probability, passed the information on to its American counterparts.

The fear of the political prisoner’s girlfriend, who has waited six years to act, is all the more incomprehensible as she is protected as a collaborator of the famous Baltazar Garzon, former judge of the Spanish Chamber of Investigation -Audiencia National 5.

Having been able to observe at the Westminster Magistrate Court the links that Stella Morris had with representatives of other powerful structures, I conclude that she was logically protected by these institutions and was in no way the fragile and solitary single mother she presents herself to be. I am speaking here of the Courage Foundation or officially « Courage Corp, domestic businessentity », based in New York and directed by Nathan Fuller, residing at 2790 Brodway apartment. 4D, New York 10025 [4] On its website, Courage Corp. presents itself as the Courage Foundation whose Board of Directors is filled with whistleblowers, journalists, former agents of the CIA, NSA, MI5, all more famous than the others. Stella Morris is friends with Naomi Colvin (which I saw with my own eyes from December 2019 to February 2020), who succeeds Sarah Harrison at the head of the Courage « Foundation » in Europe. Stella Morris is also friends with Renata Avila, a member of the Board of Diem 25 and close friend of the Greco-Australian politician active in Berlin Yanis Varoufakis. It is easy to see this by attending the hearings of the trial of Julian Assange.

In addition, these people, like Naomi Colvin and Renata Avila, work with the Centre d’Investigation du Journalisme, a private British journalism school whose founder Gavin MacFadyen was a friend and supervisor of Julian Assange. CIJ[5] organizes training sessions funded by wealthy private American (Reva and David Logan Foundation) British (Lorana SullivanFoundation, Joseph Rowntree Trust) and South African (David Potter Foundation and Ellen Potter Foundation…[6]) foundations, the most important of which is the Bertha Foundation[7].


Kristinn Hrafnsson, Gavin MacFadyen, and Julien Assange (left to right) of WikiLeaks, before a Media press conference at a south London Hotel, where they talked about the Iraq body count, this morning. (Photo by John Stillwell/PA Images via Getty Images)


Julian Assange the Gathering citizen | Le Club de Mediapart

7. Home – Bertha Foundation

The Bertha Foundation was established by South African billionaire Tony Tabasnik[8] who owns the country’s largest generic drug company[9].the late Julian Assange’s former lawyer Michael Ratner was a friend of Tony Tabasnik[10].

Tony Tabaznik The Team | Amynepharma

Some of the events of the Centre for Investigative Journalism are funded directly by the most famous foundation, the Open Society Foundation of George Soros[11]. 11] La Bertha Foundation is also linked by the partnership with the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union in George Soros. 12] But it is not surprising that these foundations of the largest oligarchs in the Western world work together. The network of Goerges Soros structures forms a global enterprise that is present in almost all countries of the world[13].







On the German side, the Wau Holland Foundation is the owner of the brand « Project 04 Wikileaks ».Julian Assange was employed by this structure as project manager in 2010-2012, already under the responsibility of the current boss Andy Müller Maguhn. Andy Müller Maguhn is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Courage Foundation[14], a New York-based structure that collects the money that bona fide Europeans believe they are paying for the defense of Julian Assange. Andy Müller Maghun is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Investigative Journalism [15].


Andy Müller-Maguhn

15.           Annual Report of the Centre for Investigative Journalism Limited, Company no. 05471322

Charity no. 1118602, Report of the Trustees and Financial Statements 30 November 2018

The last activity report of the German Wau Holland Foundation was published in 2016, the reports for 2017, 2018 and 2019 have not been published although they should legally be available to the public. According to this document[16], the Wau Holland Foundation will donate from 2014 [17] a (unspecified) part of this money for the provision of the « Freedom of Expression Project », another name for « Wikileaks » to the private Icelandic company Sunshine Press Production headed by deputy directors Kristinn Hrafnsson and Inga Ragnar Ingasson, since Julian Assange, who is in prison, obviously cannot manage this company[18].




Gavin McFadyen, the company’s third director, having died, could not manage the company either. Stella Morris is in a friendly relationship with Kristinn Hrafnsson, which I have seen for myself and which seems to go without saying. Finally, let us add that Stella Morris is friends with Jennifer Robinson, director at the Bertha Foundation, a tool of influence for the South African billionaire Tabaznik. 19]


She is also the founder of the legal branch of the Bertha Foundation, the Bertha Justice Initiative, which is in a position to make grants[20] in 2019 500,000 dollars to an important and former organization defending the rights of minorities in the United States, the Center for Constitutional Rights. These organizations, led or influenced by Stella Morris’ friend and Assange’s lawyer, are therefore not small militant structures.


They are private agencies, a tool for influencing the interests of Anglo-Saxon billionaires and leading German companies. As such, these structures and their decision-makers are of course known to the intelligence agencies CIA and BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst). As the analyses quoted below show, the head of Julian Assange’s legal team, Geoffrey Robertson, is a friend of Tony Blair, Georges Soros and works with the World Bank and is the mentor of Jennifer Robinson[21].

Assange’s Judges & Lawyers Associates | Le Club de Mediapart

The ghost lawyers of Julian Assange – Long version | Le Club de Mediapart

Alan Dershowitz, an American lawyer and friend of Robertson’s, is known to have defended both the legalization of torture and the extremely wealthy paedophile and child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein[22].

Assange – Feudal regression in the United Kingdom | Le Club de Mediapart

L’homme Julian Assange trahi par ses avocats | Le Club de Mediapart

Dougthy Street Chambers, Robertson’s law firm, defended the United States in the Browder-Magnistky case, and Mark Summers, Julian Assange’s lawyer at Matrix Chambers, has also argued in favour of American interests[23].

Assange Lawyers – Conflict of Interest Scandal spreads up to the United States | Le Club de Mediapart

Gareth Peirce, a solicitor on the front line of the trial, has been defending her client, a victim of torture visible to public witnesses, for nine months now in a very weak defence[24]. Baltazar Garzon is accused of torture by the Basque and Catalan opposition in Spain, among other crimes as a judge[25]

Assange Tortured – Gareth Peirce turns blind eyes | Le Club de Mediapart

Former judge and « torturer » Garzón escorts Assange | Le Club de Mediapart

Meanwhile the administrators of the current Wikileaks do not hesitate to entrust the interests of their structure to communication agencies linked to the American policies that are the first enemies of Julian Assange[26].

Assange away, does WikiLeaks remain trustworthy ? | Le Club de Mediapart

Assange – Amnesty International se mue en International Guilty | Le Club de Mediapart

Inserted in such a dense network of powerful relations whose interests are very much in line with those of the American state system, Stella Morris should not fear being kidnapped by the CIA. How is it that she fears this when we human rights activists are doing our duty to defend Julian Assange publicly when we are far less protected than she is from attacks by British and American secret services?

Lies, silences and inconsistencies

In an August 29, 2018 article in Abc news, Jennifer Robinson claims that JulianAssange would be in total isolation at 3 Hans Crescent Street, forbidden to visit and use the internet (27) Today, it would be good for her to admit that she lied, since Stella Morris claims to have prepared, at that time, the arrival of her second child conceived with the political prisoner in the same place.

Once these lies have been established, how can we, as grassroots activists, trust these two women who claim to be also Julian Assange’s lawyers? The image of Julian Assange crying on the balcony of the apartment on 19 May 2017 and brandishing the UN Ruling, forcefully asserting the violations of rights he is suffering, remains in our memory. Having suffered a first internet blackout and total isolation since October 2016, Assange is in visible suffering. Today, Stella Morris tells us that it is the birth of their first child…

We are troubled by these contradictions that force us to ask ourselves the question « what is true, and when is it true »? A man who is a happy father and supported by his girlfriend cannot bear so much suffering, cannot send an SOS to strangers. It is also maconviction after having seen Julian Assange in « real life » and having witnessed first hand the marks of sadness and the feeling of being betrayed and abandoned on his face during the hearings of October 21, 2019, January 13, 2020, February 24, 25, 26 and 26.

The silence of Stella Morris and her absence during the dramatic events of 2019 prevents me from totally believing the story she tells us in the Daily Mail of April 11, 2020. On April 11, 2019, when her companion, the man of her life, the father of her children, was brutally kidnapped by the British secret service and placed in prison before being tried in haste on May 1 and 2, Stella Morris was absent and silent. She is no more talkative during the two agonizing months that follow: May 9, 2019 Nils Melzer says in his report on torture to have visited JulianAssange and noted the deterioration of his health. The few visitors admitted to Belmarsh (Ai Wewei, Pamela Anderson, JohnShipton) claim that Julian Assange has lost 15 kilos and can therefore die at any moment. The video leaked in June, probably from Wandsworth Prison where Assange stayed from April 11 to May 2, shows a man emaciated and thinned out.

It is now on the internet and many activists are mobilising in Europe to organise demonstrations in front of English courts and Belmarsh prison, including the French Gilets Jaunes. Stella Morris, who now claims to have visited Julian Assange in June 2019, as part of the family visits normally granted in British prisons, was in prison at the time and does not give us any information about the reality of the health of the political prisoner. This is incomprehensible and disrespectful to the thousands of activists who are devoting their energy and resources to saving his companion and who are worried about his fate.

It’s criminal for Julian Assange. An intervention by Stella Morris talking about children would have mobilized public opinion and would have supported the 10 (sic!) demands for release made by Wikijustice Julian Assangedsince October 2019.

But the most astonishing thing is that Stella Morris allows the slanderous campaign to take hold and continue, portraying her companion as a rapist of women deserving of this judicial relentlessness. The slander campaign has been going on since 2010 and has been propagated by the same media that now tell the « story » of the beloved father and his devoted wife. This aggressive and pervasive campaign was precisely what made it very difficult for left-wing activists to convince feminists, communist and environmentalist parties and radical left-wing militants of Julian Assange’s innocence and good faith. Why has Stella Morris, allegedly a lawyer specializing in Swedish law, never deconstructed the case file written by police officer Irmeli Krans, which is riddled with inconsistencies, implausibilities and collusion of interests between the complainants, police officer, lawyers and prosecutor, all members of the same socialist political party and all pursuing the same political and electoral goals? Why did she never seek to help the activists who were working to demonstrate the political flaws in the case?

Why did we have to be alone with this complicated task when all we needed was for her to say what she says today, a year too late: Assange is a calm, gentle, respectful man, not at all the neurotic unbalanced man capable of the worst with women that we have been portrayed so many times in the media. Having read Julian Assange’s statement against Anna Ardin’s accusations of August 30, 2010, I became convinced early on that Assange is more a victim than an offender, but the testimony of a supposedly loving companion and mother of the children would have helped a lot to mobilize European left-wing circles. I am therefore obliged to point out that the absence of Mrs Morris on the front line of the struggle did not help us.

The absence and inaction of Stella Morris on the front line of the struggle to save her companion reaches its peak in the summer of 2019. No one spoke of Julian Assange for two months. The official media are silent or continue to slander him. Activists of the « Extradite Assange », « Defend Wikileaks » or « Unity4J » campaign on Twitter did not provide crucial information about an important hearing on 31 July during which the extradition procedure was decided. (It should be noted that the choice of Twitter as a tool to campaign for the release of a European political prisoner is strange. How can we explain the complexity of a judicial procedure that lasts 10 years in 3 sentences on Twitter when thousands of young activists don’t even know who Julian Assange is, 10 years having passed since the exploits of « Wikileaks »)?

Jennifer Robinson and John Shipton were in Australia at the time. No one visits Julian Assange any more and there are increasing calls for the United Kingdom to provide ‘proof of life’ from a political prisoner last seen alive in mid-June. European activists are anxiously awaiting the very few letters that reach the public: 3 in all from 20 June to 31 August as thousands of people from all over Europe are encouraged to write and are indeed writing to Julian Assange at the Belmarsh prison address.

The case of prisoners number

Julian Assange’s official defence sites such as Defend Wikileaks, the Courage Foundation, Unity4J etc. all called in the summer of 2019 to write to the political prisoner in Belmarsh WITHOUT his prison number A9379AY. However, having found this number through an « old-fashioned » internet search to request a visit to Belmarsh, Wikijustice quickly obtained the information that this number is necessary [28] for the mail to reach the addressee. Without the prisoner’s number, the letter is not delivered to him. However, when we published this information, « official » activists publicly denigrated us. Our first trip to Belmarsh, on 21 September 2019, confirmed that we were right: the prisoner number is essential if the mail is to reach Julian Assange. Why did the « relatives », the official networks of Wikileaks, hide this information, and worse, misinform the activists, and only when it was no longer possible to hide it, did they finally make Julian Assange’s prisoners number public, in October 2019, through the voice of John Shipton?

28. Julian Assange the Gathering citizen | Le Club de Mediapart

Wikijustice Julian Assange’s actions

Among these letters, a French Wikijustice activist receives on August 17 the incredible letter that we have since been acting intensely for her liberation. Three sentences like the verses of a poem written in a handwriting that resembles the different signatures we could find on various documents signed by Julian Assange and published on the internet: « Thanks B for fithing for me, I am in a very Dark place presently. Light up de night until victory! J.A. ». On the back of the sheet the same hand has traced Julian Assange’s nut number A9379AY overwritten with the SOS code in Morse code. SOS, a call for help.

Wikijustice immediately contacted by twitter, Facebook and email John Shipton, Christine Assange, Kristinn Hrafnsson, and by mail Jennifer Robinson, Gareth Peirce, Mark Summers and Geoffrey Robertson asking them to authenticate the letter through handwriting analysis. We have received no response. Mrs. Morris has also been silent all summer. How could we believe that she was present alongside Julian Assange in those dramatic moments when he sent an SOS letter like a bottle thrown into the sea? Only a desperate and lonely man would send an SOS to strangers.

We then had the intuition that « very dark place » was not a literary metaphor as some well-meaning people wanted us to believe. « Dark place » is the name of the secret and legal prisons located in vassal countries that the United States used to imprison and torture their opponents after abducting them illegally (« extraordinary rendition »). People were thus detained and tortured from 2001 to 2006 in Poland, Lithuania, Morocco, Thailand, Egypt… In Europe, British airports were used as departure points for « secret flights » of tortured prisoners to CIA death centres in the countries mentioned[29].

29.   égales-de-la-cia/358323091470678

We had good reason to believe that Julian Assange could be detained and tortured in one of these centers. In Poland, for example, there are not only several official US military bases, but also secret structures and centres, as we know from Polish political activists opposed to the submission of their country to the United States and repressed for leuropinions by the judiciary and the police.

This is how we have amplified the questions and demanded that Great Britain give proof of Julian Assange’s life. We were only somewhat relieved when Donald Trump inexplicably cancelled, at the last minute, his important visit to Westerplatte in Poland scheduled for September 1, 2019, for the commemoration ceremonies of the beginning of World War II. Indeed, a powerful American armada was then in the military port of Gdansk and it was not forbidden to imagine that the delivery of a political prisoner could be made from a secret prison to one of these ships. It is better to imagine the worst and prevent it than to let the worst happen under the pretext that imagining the worst would be « plotting » or stupid.

From the beginning of August, we made requests to visit Julian Assange on the site « visit aprisonner » [30]. These requests did not meet with a refusal but with the cryptic response that Julian Assange « is not available ». Is he there or is he not there? We contacted Belmarsh Prison by email, letter, complaint document, and physically went to the « Visitors’ Centre » on 21 September and 10 October 2019. We were told that the prisoner has a « visitor list » and that we must ask him by email or mail to be included in this list if we wish to visit him. But how do we know that Julian Assange receives our mail, when the packet we sent him have obviously never been given to him (with proof from the post office, the packet remain at the post office and are not delivered to the prison…), that the undelivered letters are not returned to us, when it is the law and there is no proof that he received our emails and even the money sent via the prison’s website? Our actions are described in several of our articles.



We have repeatedly published Julian Assange’s SOS letter. It is curious that this letter never moved Stella Morris. She has never considered it important, useful for the struggle, to explain to us where her companion really is, to give proof of his life and health, while thousands of European activists spent summer months in anguish and acting with all their strength to shed light on the « dark place ». Until today, we have received no explanation from Stella Morris as to whether or not Julian Assange receives the letters and packets sent to him by many activists. It seems to me, however, that these disinterested actions deserve respect and that it is also beneficial to the struggle that the relatives of a political prisoner have a continuing relationship with the activists.

On October 10, 2019, I was assaulted by two Belmarsh guards who wanted to force me out of the Visitor Centre where I came to ask questions on the visitor list. The PACT volunteers stopped them from doing so. We wrote countless complaints and claims to the prison management, resulting in two letters of response from Mr. Harding, direction of communication of Belmarsh Prison[31] . These letters can be summarized in the following sentence: « As no prisoner is kept in isolation at Belmarsh, it is not the prison that is responsible for his condition with symptoms of torture.

Indeed, our intervention in the Westminster Magistrate Court on 20 September 2019, when Julian Assange was absent, and again on 11 October, when he was shown on video in very poor condition, pale, shaggy, emaciated and haggard, led us to demand that the English authorities immediately stop the torture that Julian Assange was apparently undergoing. We also demanded the end of this iniquitous trial and the immediate release of Julian Assange on health grounds, especially since he was no longer convicted but was in pre-trial detention during the extradition procedure.

Meanwhile, Stella Morris, mother of the children and companion of Julian Assange according to her, was silent during the hearings. She also did not initiate an application for bail as the breadwinner. A father has not only the right to see his children but also the obligation to support them. This is precisely the first action taken by lawyers for Polish prisoners awaiting extradition: to request release on the grounds of the breadwinner, as I have seen in several such hearings on 11 and 18 October 2019 in the Westminster Magistrate Court. Maitre Goscinski, Maitre Mastalerz and Maitre Matelska, lawyers defending Poles threatened with extradition, explained to me that this procedure is very simple to carry out and that it can be renewed every 28 days at the hearing to extend pre-trial detention. A detainee can himself apply for release on bail for family reasons by filling in a short form available for example in this guide distributed in prisons[32].

British judges will grant such release easily provided the prisoner can show a stable address in the United Kingdom, a family and the possibility of reincarceration. Julian Assange is the manager of a film production company, Sunshine Press Production, which did generate some income in 2019[33]. He fully meets the criteria required by so many Ests migrants and is released by the Westminster Court judges, including by Vanessa Baraitser, within a day. Of course, the case of Julian Assange may seem more complicated, but is he so legally different from the other defendants? No. There should be no political prisoners in a democracy. Or we’re not in a democracy anymore.

33. Annual Report of the Sunshine Press Production Compagny 29.09.2019 – Julian Assange in prison and Gavin MacFadyen passed away, something is wrong

At least it would be politically interesting to use this possibility offered by the law to relentlessly demand his release every month. Julian Assange’s relatives, here John Shipton and especially Stella Morris did not use this possibility even though the status of British citizen Mrs Morris and mother of children I presume recognized by Julian Assange gave her the ability to grant the stable address in Great Britain that had been lacking to Assange in 2010-2011. Moreover, it is quite possible to marry while in prison and marriage would give the non-British citizen Julian Assange the opportunity to acquire residence rights and to stabilise his social situation. Stella Morris did not make use of all these possibilities while Wikijustice was sending a release petition to the Westminster Magistrate Court every month since October 2019.

The absences of Mrs. Stella Morris

Stella Morris was also absent from the hearing on 21 October 2019, which was a first victory for activists demanding the right to physically appear at her own trial, guaranteed by the ECHR and included in Habeas Corpus. Julian Assange appeared there very weakened physically and psychologically[34].

On his face, I read a feeling of great loneliness and distress. He did not greet his lawyers or the people of his former entourage. Impossible to know if he noticed the absence of Stella Morris, it must be said that today it is not he who speaks to the media about his relationship with her, but she speaks about him instead. When he rebelled and spoke despite the judge’s opposition and the lack of support from his lawyers, he found it difficult to finish his sentences and referred to « the theft of his children’s DNA » and « the intrusion of psychologists into his interior ». At the time we thought that « DNA children » could evoke his computer processes because « parents-children » are metaphors used for servers and software.

Stella Morris showed no emotion about these terrible words which were echoed by the press and activists. She did not think it would have been useful and important to make them explicit. In any case, they will be absent from the hearings of 18 November and 13 December during which Julian Assange’s condition deteriorated brutally. Julian Assange is therefore no longer able to pronounce his name and is not in a position to follow the court’s debates. Wikijustice analyses his suffering as a result of the latorture. We call for his immediate release, access to health care outside the UK or any other country under the control of the United States, and a halt to the extradition process. Swiss activists are mobilizing to initiate the procedure for a humanitarian visa for Julian Assange. The President of Mexico called for his immediate release.

Did tell Stella Morris see her companion’s health deteriorate? If she couldn’t visit him again, she could at least have attended the hearings. She appeared in court on December 19 and 20, in public, as the accompanist of the young MCMcGrath. On 20 December, when Julian Assange is due to appear physically in Westminster Court as a witness or victim and not as an accused under the European Investigation Order (EIO) procedure, she prepares this appearance in a consultation room with MC McGrath and Fidel Narvaez.

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est FB_IMG_1581680585118.jpg.

Finally, the hearing is held in camera and the activists are prevented from attending. We, Wikijustice activists, could only catch a glimpse of Julian Assange surrounded by security agents in room 4. During the hours of waiting we spent in court, we tried to ask Mrs Morris, who was present in the stairs and corridors of the court, if she had any more information about this strange procedure. She ignored us with a cold and casual wave of her hand. It is a strange way of fighting for the release of one’s companion that the contempt shown for people who spend so much effort to make injustice recede. We are not mere placard bearers. The struggle for justice requires all our resources and intelligence. It would be good if they were respected by the woman who today claims to be closest to Julian Assange.

On January 13, 2020, the court allows Julian Assange to appear physically for a second time. This is an important moment that allows us to communicate with him by gestures rather than words, since our letters no longer reach him and we have proof of this through postal follow-up. Ms. Morris is in the courtroom with the strange « lawyers » who are not pleading – MC McGrath and Jennifer Robinson. She does not greet Julian Assange, does not wave to him even when he tries to speak, does not even encourage him in any way, and generally remains in a cold and impersonal attitude. The testimony of the journalist Véronique Pidancet Barrière, who is present opposite Julian Assange among the journalists, gives a good account of the atmosphere in the courtroom and the attitude of the lawyers and the public[35].


Julian Assange appears there more than ever as a lonely and hopeless man, a man who struggles in intense inner suffering and who is looking for a contact with a friend. He comes to life and regains hope thanks to this visual communication with Véronique Pidancet Barrière, the only one watching him among all the journalists sitting inside the courtroom.

Impossible to believe in observing his suffering, which I was able to do, being also present in the public[36], that he would be a man fulfilled and sustained by the presence of two sons who are surrounded by the love of a mother and a beloved and loving companion. It is then said that he is no longer placed in isolation, an isolation that is illegal. Family visits are a basic right and should have been granted according to British prison regulations[37].

36. Bringing the Dark Place back to light – Julian Assange facing the political and judicial system, hearing of 13 January 2020 – Liberté pour Julian Assange – Monika Karbowska (


Moreover, Stella Morris was not present among the activists who, on 13 January 2020, blocked the van carrying Julian Assange from the court after the hearing. This rare moment tolerated by the British police was crucial to show the people’s solidarity with Julian Assange. The activists were able to show him through the window words written on signs, make signs of support with their hands resting on the window, shout slogans and words of encouragement at this rare moment when he can hear them with certainty. The photos of Julian Assange taken by the photographers at the time show a man whose eyes are coming back to life. It is through this « French activism » as one of the security guards admiring the combativeness of the Yellow Vests) that we have breathed life and hope into a man who saw himself dying alone in a « dark place ».

Stella Morris at the trial last February.

On January 23rd and February 19th, while Julian Assange appeared in still video, prostrate and as absentee (possibly drugged), Stella Morris participated in the trial in the courtroom, in the back row of the room, next to MC McGrath who was then described as a « scholar », student or trainee by the court secretary. MC McGrath, a computer scientist and hacker, actually has no right to be in this position since he is not a lawyer. Stella Morris does not seem any more overwhelmed by the emotion at the sight of Julien Assange than she was before on December 19th in the public. No sign of disconcertion, no smile…

Trial or sacrificial ceremony? -Julian Assange’s trial on January 23, 2020 – Liberté pour Julian Assange – Monika Karbowska (

His professional discretion continued during the long and trying hours of the « full extradition hearing » « final extradition trial » on 24, 25, 26 and 27 February 2020, in Room 2 inside theoolwich Crown Court adjacent to Thameside and Belmarsh Prisons. Sitting just in front of Julian Assange in the back row of the courtroom (the defendants’ box is at the back of the room here while he is left of the room in Westminter Court), Stella Morris accompanied Baltazar Garzon and MCMcGrath on the first two days of the trial. On the third day she sits in the same seat to the right of the Spanish-speaking lawyer Aitor Martinez and on the fourth day Jennifer Robinson reappears and accompanies her.(38)

Trial of Wikileaks or trial of Julian Assange? Monday, February 24, 2020, the court of who is the strongest wins – Liberté pour Julian Assange – Monika Karbowska (

Procès de Wikileaks ou procès de Julian Assange? Mardi 25 février 2020 – Violences en réunion – Liberté pour Julian Assange – Monika Karbowska (

Stella Morris doesn’t turn to Julian Assange when he enters the box and when the emotion in the audience’s gallery is at its peak. She doesn’t bother to get up and shake his hand during the breaks, as Baltazar Garzon does twice. She simply takes the small papers he hands her and passes them to the front row to Gareth Peirce and Edward Hamilton Fitzgerald. I have watched her face as I watch everyone in the audience to get a good grasp of who is who and who is doing what in this show. I found him impassive like the other players in the game and as he had been in previous games.

Woolwich Court the 24 february 2020

On Wednesday 26 February, the third day of the trial, Julian Assange’s health worsened. He was pale and prostrate in the morning, livid and on the verge of collapse in the early afternoon. I was able to describe the events in the heat of the moment and to publish the information that same evening [39]. In the late afternoon, the prisoner suddenly revolted. He stood up and spoke, gesticulated and demanded three times that the judge listen to him. Then the lawyers panic, go out to confer with the judge’s authorization, the security guard who is watching the public runs away allowing us to let our emotions and our stupor run free… Stella Morris sitting just in front of the man of her life does not encourage him in his revolt or even comfort him when she is one meter away from him.


Révolte à la Woolwich Court le 26 et 27 février 2020 – Liberté pour Julian Assange – Monika Karbowska (

Certainly, her erasure is such that I cannot be certain today that I have observed all her gestures, my attention was then absorbed by Julian Assange. But it is obvious that she played no role in the decision taken by the lawyers to accept the proposal for bail that the judge Baraitser made to prevent the prisoner from collapsing live in front of the witnesses, thus placing her in a very uncomfortable position. We published the news the same evening by sending yet another request for release from Wikijustice. We are very disappointed when Fitzgerald makes no mention of his client’s release on bail the next day, February 27, 2020, the last day of the trial.

When Julian assuages his torpor and the atmosphere of collective hypnosis fades, at the end of the audience, Stella Morris is one of the first to come to him, at last, but she is only one among others. She is not the one Julian Assange speaks to first, nor is she the one to whom he gives the ultimate salute before leaving the room.

For what all these communications have in common, the one in the Easter Saturday Daily Mail, as they have since been circulated, is that Julian Assange does NOT speak publicly, nor does he introduce his fiancée or his family. It is once again someone else who speaks for him, as if he is too ill to speak under guardianship and unable to present his interests and dialogue with his audience. Alas, in an atmosphere exacerbated by stories of all kinds told through and through, I will only believe this story if Julian Assange, free of all pressure, presents it himself. Preferably live and not in a video that can be easily tricked.

Julian Assange and children’s rights

I can already see those who will reproach me for my disbelief in the incessant about-turns of Julian Assange’s « relatives » coming. Why would it be so uncomfortable to accept the idea of Julian Assange as the father of two children? Actually, I don’t have a problem with that hypothesis.

I know that Julian Assange has always been moved by the plight of children and has denounced the crime and abuse that too many children are victims of. Presenting the film « Collateral Murder » and the documents relating to the US crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan for which he is accused, he has always stressed, in his lectures from April to October 2010, the revolting fate of children.

It is indeed he who had the 1100 pages of Belgian police documents on the violence committed against children by pedocriminal mafia networks published in the framework of the investigation on Marc Dutroux[40]. Knowing that the paper versions of the minutes of hearings of victims and witnesses of human trafficking from Eastern Europe to Western countries, from 1996 to 2001, have strangely burned in the archives of the Belgian police, there is only one version that remains: the one that Julian Assange saved on « Wikileaks » and made available to our knowledge so that citizens can finish the work of the too slow or too corrupt justice.


Finally, we must also mention the role of the publication of the e-mails of John Podesta, for which Julian Assange received sharp criticism even in his own camp in 2016: these e-mails were the beginning of a citizen’s investigation that led to the downfall of Jeffrey Epstein, the criminal provider of children for sale to the American and British jet set. Julian Assange and some of his relatives who helped him in the isolation of the3 Hans Crescent have always defended children. (41)

41.           Look in the database of Wikileaks with « Jeffrey Epstein » :

For lack of believing the story of a warm but clandestine family life, I look at the photos that Stella Morris provided to the media of Julian Assange carrying babies in her arms as a metaphor for his true commitment to the rights and freedoms of the smallest among us.

We will not give up the fight to free him and all those who suffer and struggle, and we will not allow ourselves to be trapped in sickness or panic. Human rights are universal and the collective struggle will lead us to victory. We will not let ourselves be hypnotized by fear and repression, and if we fall, others will come out in our place. We are many and our thoughts are more united than ever in our actions for freedom and justice.

Julian Assange is not alone and we are always at his side.



3.; minute  38 :23

John Shipton told also that Wikileaks was created in France, published in France and had a trial in France. We couldnt find any prouve of an NGO called Wikileaks in the french Préfecture databse.

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