Romantic end to the Julian Assange case? Objections, analysis and actions of Wikijustice – Part 2

Monika Karbowska Inconsistency of the storytelling photos and videos The photo of the Morris/Assange couple published by the Daily Mail and reproduced in a cut-out version by Stella Morris’ current Twitter and Facebook accounts never tires of questioning the inconsistencies in the journalistic account. The couple has been together since 2015. They are photographed on […]

Romantic end to the Julian Assange case? Objections, analyses and actions of Wikijustice – Part 1

Monika Karbowska (autotranslation with Deepl) When we began, with Wikijustice Julian Assange, to analyze, 9 months ago, the whole history of « Wikileaks » and Julian Assange, we were struck by the suspicious deaths that mark the history of the whole struggle for the liberation of this political prisoner in the West: Seth Rich, John Johns, Michael […]

Fin de partie romantique de l’affaire Julian Assange? 1ère partie

Objections, analyses et actions de Wikijustice – 1ère Partie Monika Karbowska Lorsque nous avons commencé, avec Wikijustice Julian Assange, à analyser, il y a 9 mois, la totalité de l’histoire de « Wikileaks » et Julian Assange, nous avons été frappés par les morts suspectes qui jalonnent l’historique de toute la lutte pour la libération de ce prisonnier politique en […]

Julian Assange versus Anna Ardin in August 2010 – being raped rather than being the rapist

Monika Karbowska This was the first text I wrote about Julian Assange in August 2019. I didn’t know much about the case yet. I just wanted to unravel the case of the rape charges and to understand why my former feminist colleagues in the Feminist Party participated in the witch hunt. Reading Julian Assange’s legal […]